haku: vt. To compose, invent, put in order, arrange; to braid, as a lei, or plait, as feathers.

We are weaving together the many talents here in Hawai’i

HAKU provides direct access to the latest creative output from Hawai‘i

Haku is a full-service music, audio, and talent production group located in Honolulu. We provide access to the creative output from Hawai‘i’s emerging and leading artists, producers, composers, and musicians. We work with talent who are reaching across genres and driving the evolution of Hawaiian music and sound.

Haku Collective is committed to furthering the legacy of music in Hawai’i by nurturing both new and established artists as they navigate the changing landscape of the music industry through digital innovation and global aspirations.


Haku Collective seeks innovative opportunities to bring the diverse music of Hawaiʻi to a global audience. By navigating the new digital landscape of music and media, Haku Collective distinguishes itʻs music savvy through ideal brand partnerships. These unique collaborative opportunities provide artists with avenues to license their music in the film and television industry.

Four Seasons Oahu

NYE Event

Four Seasons Oahu


Hawaii Tourism Authority


American Savings Bank



Haku Collective was established by artists for artists. United by their shared love of music and their community, Haku Collective hopes to guide a new generation of aspiring talent through their mentorship efforts as well as create a collaborative environment for established creatives to thrive.

HAKU Songcrafting Bootcamp

Haku Collectiveʻs first #melecraft bootcamp program, under the mentorship of Kimié Miner was held last April at Kamehameha Schools, Hālau ʻīnana for free. Students between 13-25 years learned song analysis and crafted their own songs. Here are some of those mele.

Are you an aspiring songwriter, producer or musical creator?  Hereʻs a unique opportunity to be mentored by Hawaiʻiʻs leading artists & music makers. The MeleCraft Bootcamp is back! 

Auditions on Nov 9th. Followed by the Bootcamp on Saturday, Nov 10th in partnership with the Hawaiʻi Convention Center. Own your creative expression!


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